Trust the Professionals to Install and Maintain Your Garage Door in MN

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Garage Doors

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A garage can be an enclosed place to keep your car and other tools and equipment safe from the harsh Minnesota elements or it can be a threat to your family’s security. The difference is a secure garage door. Because many people use their garage as a point of entry into their home, it is important for a Garage door in MN to keep intruders out.

Safety starts with professional installation. The company you choose to install your garage door should have an impeccable record for safe and quality installations. Your installer should pay attention to the small details of your garage opening to ensure that door fits properly and cannot be opened from the outside by a burglar. Before the installer leaves your home, you should be confident that you can open and close the door manually and with the remote garage door opener.

After your door is installed, it is important to get an annual preventive maintenance check. Optimally, the company that installs your Garage door in MN will do your annual maintenance. This is preferable because the company that installed the door is already familiar with their work. If they had to make adjustments when they installed the door, that information should be in their files. When it isn’t possible to get maintenance from the installation company, contact a full-service provider such as American Garage Door Co.

During annual maintenance, the technician will check the springs for corrosion and ensure that all moving parts are functioning properly. A seemingly small problem can cause major damage if it isn’t corrected quickly. While having your garage door inspected annually is a good idea, it is also important to call for repairs if you notice something wrong or if your garage door seems to have been tampered with from the outside.

If you feel you need extra security for your garage door, talk to your installer. There are garage door openers that provide added security as well as a variety of styles that can keep intruders out and your property safely inside. Be sure to also secure the door from your garage to your home with a deadbolt as an addition security measure.

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