Turf Health and Appearance is Greatly Enhanced With the Right Equipment

Beautiful, well-maintained turf is extraordinarily important in many settings. A well-manicured lawn is the first sight visitors have as they visit some businesses. Golf courses will not be in business long if their turf is not very well-maintained and cared for every day. Outdoor sporting venues, from T-ball fields all the way up to professional sports stadiums with grass surfaces need turf that is vibrant and well-cared for, both for the appearance as well as the safety of those playing on that surface. The list can go on and on.

The right equipment can make all the difference

When groundskeepers do their best work, they rely on using commercial turf equipment to get the job done well. A number of machines and tools must be used to truly produce the finest situation available. A simple lawn mower just won’t do all by itself.

Maximizing turf health and beauty with the AERA-vator

An aerator is an integral part to having commercial turf equipment. An AERA-vator is a versatile tool greatly aiding the initial processes pursuant to follow-up work that must come later.

Seeding the area is important, and an AERA-vator provides terrific air and water filtration, enabling seeds to grow deeper and stronger into the soil. The AERA-vator features nine holes per square foot on the shaft. Vibrating tines loosen the soil underneath and all around each individual tine and don’t leave plugs or cores on the surface as it’s pulled through. This in itself is a great time-saver, as aerification cleanup with other pieces of commercial turf equipment can be considerable.

Go with who the pros go with

So, check out the AERA-vator and other fine equipment options featured by a company that college and professional teams from around the world trust. If their lawn care professionals rely on their equipment and services, you can be sure they can provide everything you need to help you turn out the very best turf possible.

For more information visit 1stproducts.com.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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