Using a Dumpster in Atlantic City for Scrap Metal Wiill Put Money in Your Pocket

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Recycling

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If you have scrap metal you would like to dispose of and put some cash in your pocket you can contact a scrap metal specialist who will provide a Dumpster in Atlantic County for depositing all of your scrap metal regardless of whether it is ferrous or non-ferrous.

You can have a container dropped off if you have a lot of metal to send to the recycler. Several container sizes are available from 6 to 40 yards. If you have a job requiring a lot of work, a crew with equipment will come out and help with efficient on-site processing.

Construction sites usually have a large amount of scrap metal just lying around. The type of scrap metal which has value is aluminum, copper, steel rod pieces. The type of aluminum Scrap Metal which has value is aluminum sheets, aluminum clips, cast aluminum, and aluminum siding pieces. Aluminum cans is the product which is most recycled in the U.S, and it is an amazing fact that an aluminum can will be recycled and be back on the supermarket shelf in 60 days. Other materials result in similar savings:

According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. Report (2012), The energy savings achieved by using recycled materials is 92% for aluminum, 56% for steel, 87% for plastic, 68% for paper, 90% for copper, and 34% for glass.

The amount of scrap copper and steel rod pieces lying around a construction site is high. Collecting these for selling for the scrap value can be a big help to the environment as well as your wallet. As an example which is multiplied many times over:

     *      Wastes from mining sites, water pollution, and air pollution are reduced by a significant 70% when a steel mill uses recycled metal scraps. You can put Scrap boilers into the Dumpster in Atlantic County for hauling to the recycle station. Junk cars running or not are great scrap material and up to 95% of the car is recyclable. The scrap yard will even pick it up if it’s not running.

Construction, commercial, industrial and residential customers all have scrap material which is recyclable. Contact Dumpster in Atlantic County for further information on recycling materials that have a cash value but have no other value to you.


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