Ways Obstetricians in Dexter, MO Can Help Mothers Deliver Their Babies

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Health

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When a woman becomes pregnant, one of the first things they will want to do is find Obstetricians in Dexter, MO who can help her through the various phases of her pregnancy. By finding a physician early on, the patient can get to know and feel comfortable with the doctor who will most likely be with them when they are bringing their new baby into the world.

Most women will want to begin seeing an obstetrician soon after they discover they are expecting. An obstetrician can be vital in helping to ensure the pregnancy goes smoothly and the baby is born healthy and without complications. Most doctors will schedule periodic visits with the expecting mother. During these visits, the doctor will physically examine the mother and look for signs of problems either she or the baby may be experiencing. While a doctor will want all mothers to come in for regular examinations, they will need to pay special attention to those who may have other medical issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure. In addition, high-risk pregnancies will need to come in quite frequently as well.

As the delivery date draws closer, Obstetricians in Dexter, MO will want to see their patients much more frequently. This is so they can evaluate the progress the child is making towards his or her delivery. Many issues can arise during the last weeks of the pregnancy, which a doctor will need to monitor. This can include a baby in the wrong position for birth, such as buttocks-first. While this can be a very serious complication during delivery, most babies will move into proper position, but some can take a bit longer than others can.

Once contractions begin and the mother has made her way to a facility, like Missouri Delta Medical Center, the obstetrician will become very busy with overseeing and assisting the mother and baby with the birth. He or she will be on hand to make sure all the vitals of both the baby and mother are in proper ranges. This is done so in the event of the mother or baby going into any type of distress, the doctor can act quickly to resolve the issue and make sure both mother and child are safe. Even when a mother chooses natural childbirth, an obstetrician will still be on hand during all phases of the delivery.

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