Ways to use Leftover Mulch Bark in Lakewood

by | Oct 14, 2022 | miscellaneous

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You ordered your landscaping materials, and everything is in place. Then you realize you have leftover mulch and bark in Lakewood. You may be frustrated, but there are many ways to use leftover mulch. Here are some excellent ideas for using your leftovers.

Create a Mini Mulch Path

Your front yard looks great, but what about the backyard areas? Once all your landscape elements and trees have the mulch they need, try adding some around other places you may not have included in your plan. Create a three- to four-inch path to define the space between garden boxes. You can also make a small path so it’s easier to reach your plants.

Share with Your Neighbor

Everyone likes something for free. If you’ve finished your landscaping, deliver a load to your neighbors. They will be happy to spread it around their plants and flowerbeds. They can always order more if it’s not enough.

Use It for Managing Plants

You may have some out-of-control plants. They always seem to be the hardiest. Leftover bark in Lakewood can be used as a secret weapon. Spreading a thick layer in the right areas can stop an ivy patch. Just cut back as much of the plant as possible, then bury it deep under mulch. If you have enough to create a foot or two of mulch, it can get rid of the toughest weeds.


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