What A Client Should Expect When Booking An Airplane Charter Service In Fort Myers FL

The idea of flying on a commercial plane fills many with dread and anxiety, as the process of dealing with gate agents and cranky passengers has turned a once luxurious experience into a nightmare. Fortunately, more people are choosing to think outside the box and book an Airplane Charter Service in Fort Myers FL, as it will allow them to fly in style and peace. If a person has never reserved a charter flight, the process may be confusing, but the following is a quick look at what a person should expect.

Initial Flight Information

The first step is to contact a chartered jet company and determine if they have availability on the requested dates. Some companies are also limited to specific destinations and may have limitations that require a person to catch a connecting flight with another provider. Once the flight information is approved the client is given a proposal, and they will have up to 48 hours to confirm the booking.

Booking Confirmation

If the details of the flight meet the needs of the client, the next step is to sign off on the various contracts. An Airplane Charter Service in Fort Myers FL will usually require a person to pay a deposit totaling 50 percent of the total cost of the flight at the time of confirmation. The remaining balance is usually payable at any time up to the date of departure, and in some instances, the airline may extend credit which allows the person to make payment after the flight is completed.


On the day of departure be sure to arrive at the airport a few minutes before arrival. The pilot will usually check the IDs of any passengers on the plane, but there is no security checkpoints or baggage requirements that prevent a person from bringing liquids on board. Not only does it bypass the biggest hassle of air travel, but it allows a person to be in the sky in a matter of minutes after arrival.

If a person is tired of dealing with the frustrations of commercial air travel, it may be time to book a private Jet. Elite Jets is a full-service provider that offers convenient flight times and customized in air service. Visit to learn more about the benefits of private air travel.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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