What a Good Aluminum Supply Company Should Do

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier

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Aluminum is a tremendously useful metal for industry, so often times a key to industrial success is working with a good aluminum supply company that can meet your needs. Such a company should ideally be able to supply you with pre-cut aluminum, aluminum cutting services and custom extrusions. With these areas covered, a company can basically obtain any type of aluminum product they need from their supplier.

Pre-Cut Aluminum
There are many kinds of pre-cut aluminum pieces available from an aluminum supplier. There is wrought plate, which is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and tends to have tighter tolerances than cast products. There is cast tool and jig plate that comes with the option of a PVC coating on either side and mold plate, which can maintain its properties after welding. Another type of pre-cut aluminum is aluminum bar. Aluminum bar is commonly available in flat, round or square bar of various lengths and thicknesses. These different types of aluminum pieces might be made from any one of dozens of alloys and tempers.

Aluminum Cutting Services
Another service of a good aluminum supply company is aluminum cutting and sawing. This allows aluminum pieces to be cut to your own specific needs. Common sawing tools include plate saws, extrusion saws, circle saws and band saws. Other cutting methods include water jet cutting, grinding and heat treating. Post-cut inspection with high tech tools like smartscopes, flare optical comparators, surfometers, hardness testers, squareness indicators, straight edges and micrometers is also a vital part of the cutting process, since aluminum pieces often need precise dimensions and tolerances.

Custom Extrusions
Aluminum extrusion is a technique that can allow you to create a wide range of pieces. The process involves pushing a heated aluminum billet through a shaped die to create a long run of aluminum with an identical cross section. This method is used to make everything from long gutters to small clips and ornate decorations. The challenging part is having the die shaped correctly to have the desired shape on this finished product. An aluminum supply company can make a die easily and inexpensively, which makes them perfectly qualified to supply custom aluminum extrusions for any business need.

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