What A Patient Can Expect When Visiting A Dispensary For Medical Marijuana Washington

Since the legalization of marijuana for medical conditions in the state of California, thousands of individuals have found relief from the debilitating side effects of a large number of health conditions. Many patients are interested in trying it to see if they can gain relief, but quickly become overwhelmed at the idea of visiting a dispensary, which prevents them from obtaining the comfort they deserve. Here is what to expect when purchasing Medical Marijuana in Washington, and how a person can be prepared and ensure a seamless transaction.

Identity Verification

Before a patient can enter a dispensary, they will have to provide their recommendation card from a licensed physician and verify their identity by presenting a state-issued ID. The clinic will then verify the authenticity of the recommendation card and make sure that the patient meets all of the state requirements. Only after these steps will they be granted entrance into the facility.

Budtender Consultation

On their first visit, the patient will meet with a budtender who knows the strains of Medical Marijuana in Washington that are available and the various uses they have in treating medical ailments. They will also describe the difference regarding taste and texture and will ask the patient about their past medical history so they can make recommendations on what types of strains will be best suited to their unique needs.

Strain Selection Purchase

After the consultation, a patient can then purchase the medicine and use it. Some dispensaries offer a medication lounge, where patients can sit and consume the medication and sample the effects before they leave. This allows those new to the process to try out several strains and leave the clinic with the variety that will provide them with the most relief possible.

It can be overwhelming to purchase marijuana for medical purposes, but a reputable dispensary will make it straightforward. The team at Barbary Coast Collective offers a vast selection of strains and has knowledgeable budtenders on staff who can help anyone get the relief they deserve. Check out their website to learn more and take the first step in overcoming debilitating health issues.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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