What Are Some of the Services Provided to Clients at the Medspa?

If you’ve been invited to go with a friend to the Medspa in Chicago Loop, you’ll probably want to know about the services that are offered before you get there. The purpose of a medical spa is to pamper individuals who want to go through different non-invasive procedures that will restore some of their youthful appearances, leave them feeling rejuvenated, and ultimately enhance their natural appearance. There are quite a few different services you may be interested in trying while visiting the medical spa with your friend.


Have you ever wanted to get rid of stubborn belly fat, but didn’t want to go through a surgical procedure to have it removed? If so, CoolSculpting is a procedure that may be ideal for you. During this procedure, the plastic surgeon uses cooling technology to fight fat cells and destroy them. Results aren’t instant but are quite noticeable within a matter of weeks, making the procedure one of many worth considering while you’re visiting the Medspa in Chicago Loop.

Laser Facials

Want to fight those common aging signs that happen to everyone at a certain point? Trying to prevent wrinkles and preserve your youthful appearance? If so, laser facials are available at the medical spa and are often favored by both men and women who want to look younger. The purpose of laser facials is to encourage collagen production, prevent wrinkles from forming, and drastically improve the way the skin looks and feels on both the face and neck. Routine laser facials could leave you looking much younger.

The Medspa in Chicago Loop, is the place to visit when you want to have non-invasive procedures performed that are going to give you a boost of confidence and make you feel even better about your appearance. Numerous services are offered by the professionals, including CoolSculpting procedures and laser facials meant to fight wrinkles, lines, and dark spots that are commonly found on aging skin. For more information, visit Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, S.C.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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