What are the Benefits of Digital Cinema Packaging in New York

A digital cinema package typically comprises files containing the work’s metadata, such as its release date or an episode number. The files may also include the full-length movie or show and associated artwork, liner notes, cast information, and director information. In addition to these files, some packages contain supplementary items such as trailers or bonus features. This article is on the benefits of Dcp packaging.

Engage the Audience

The packaging allows you to engage your audience before entering the theater. The opening scene is typically used to orient the audience to what they are about to see. The opening scene is an essential part of the movie and can be used as a reference point for future use in marketing and distribution. This can help in building excitement and anticipation for your film.


The packaging lets you create a package that can be distributed easily from cinema screens all over the world, just as easily as someone can download a video file from their computer or mobile device onto their TV or home theater system. It’s easy to distribute your movie, and it’s easy to get it in front of an audience.


The easiest way to market your film is through a DVD or Blu-ray Disc. It’s a great way to market your movie, as digital and physical media are available. You can use the same marketing strategies you used for the theatrical release of your film, but with the added benefit of being able to give back to the distributor and receive compensation for their efforts.

Meet Your Needs Today

Chromavision can track and report on the performance of your DVD or Blu-ray Disc sales and the digital downloads. They will get your Dcp packaging and shipping ready and send you a report. Contact them today or visit for your packaging needs.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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