What Dental Implants Are And How They Work

Dental implants are a set of surgical replacements for a single, partial or complete set of teeth. Throughout their lives many people end up losing one or more teeth and sometimes the entire set. In replacement, there is the option of having dentures, which are not a permanent fixture in the mouth and can be easily removed if, and when needed. Dentures are also the cheapest way to replace your teeth but not always the best way.

Implants are constructed from three specific components, which include the implant itself—the root—the abutment, which passes through the gum and the crown—the tooth—which replaces the lost tooth. The dental implant in Lincoln Square is the part which is actually drilled into the gum and becomes part of the structure of the bone. A modern implant uses a biological process called osseointegration, whereby the implant forms a bond with the living bone and creates a permanent connection that causes the body to recognize it as part of its own. Most of the implants that work well under this process are all titanium based.

What are Implants mainly used for?

Essentially, implants are used for the retention of false teeth but can also be used to support facial prosthetics, as well as acting as anchors in the osseointegration process. Implants can last a lifetime if they are cared for properly—the same as real teeth—and they are also more natural looking than most dentures.

A single tooth replacement can be created using four separate components, which include the fixture for the implant, the prosthetic abutment and abutment screw—which protrudes from the gum, followed by the false tooth itself—the crown. For those needing more than a single tooth replaced there are multi-tooth retainers which can either be removable or fixed. Some modern implants are classed as fixed but have the added bonus of a trigger release that the owner can use to remove them at the touch of a button.

Those who qualify for implants must be of generally good health. The size, position and shape of their jaw must fit the accepted criteria and they must exhibit good dental hygiene, which is not always the cause of severe tooth loss.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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