What Features Are Important In Yard Trailers?

In many different areas, from marinas to boat repair centers and boat storage facilities, having the correct equipment makes a significant difference. Boat trailers for use around a yard need to be designed for safe loading and unloading of the boat, ease of movement and maneuvering and built to stand up to the demands of the job.

Taking the time to evaluate the specific needs in yard trailers will be an important step before making a purchase. Unfortunately, without understanding just what is required, it is possible to buy a top trailer which does not meet the needs of the specific boatyard or marina.

Towable or Self-Propelled

Towable yard trailers are a lower price point than self-propelled trailers, but they also require an additional piece of equipment to be able to move the trailer. For some yards and areas this may not be a concern, while for others with less space or a greater number of boats, the self-propelled trailers may be well worth the investment.

Both types of boat trailers for use in yards should be designed with safety in mind. This is particularly important with self-propelled trailers where the operator should have clear sight around the boat. Typically, with the towable trailers, visibility is not as problematic based on the operator position in relation to the trailer.

Trailer Size and Capacity

Most yard trailers will need to be versatile enough to move a variety of types and sizes of boats. For large boatyards and marinas, this may mean having more than one size of trailer to safely move everything from powerboats to deep draft sailboats up to 200,000 pounds and 100 feet.

Pre-Owned or New

Many marinas and boatyards will find the choice of used trailers as a cost-effective option, particularly for adding more than one size of trailer. Used boat trailers for yards can offer a range of different features and options, all at a greatly reduced price.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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