What Is the Best Treatment for Sinus Problems in Evansville IN?

Sinus pressure and pain can be caused by allergies and sinus disorders. When a person develops sinus problems in Evansville IN, they need to learn about their treatment options. Understanding the symptoms and possible treatments will allow individuals to gain control of their lives and become healthier in the process.

Signs of Chronic Sinus Issues

There are a few different signs that can begin to occur when an individual is suffering from chronic sinus problems in Evansville IN. If any of the following symptoms are experienced, it is wise for a person to consult with an allergist to get to the bottom of the cause.

  • Thick and discolored drainage that comes from the nose and may flow down the back of the throat, causing irritation
  • Difficulty breathing through the nostrils due to stuffiness and sinus obstruction
  • Reduced sense of smell and taste that interferes with eating
  • Pain and tenderness that is is felt across the nose, under the eyes, and across the forehead

If any of the above symptoms is being felt regularly, it is likely the individual is suffering from chronic sinusitis and infections. Seeking prompt medical care is essential for ensuring the sinus condition is brought under proper control.

How Is Sinusitis Treated?

There are a few different treatments that can be offered, depending on the underlying reasons for the sinus problem developing. If the individual is suffering from allergies, these need to be treated because they can lead to sinus issues.

Acute sinusitis is treated with nasal sprays, decongestants, and pain medication. Antibiotics are reserved for chronic sinus problems that have led to infections in the sinus cavities. The doctor will perform testing and imaging to determine which sinus treatment will be most effective.

If you are dealing with sinus problems regularly, it is vital you seek immediate treatment from the doctor. Call the office today to schedule an appointment to get started. With testing, the right treatment plan can be drawn up so you will be able to get the relief you deserve. You do not have to continue to suffer when help is available.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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