What Makes a Great Oral surgeon in Short Hills, NJ?

An oral surgeon in Short Hills, NJ is a dentist who studied five years (or more) of dentistry, later majoring in four years worth of surgical programs. He or she, at this time, trains in theoretical and practical settings looking to carry out the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of dental services. They will also cover the reconstruction of diseases, injuries, and congenital anomalies or acquired disorders of the structures comprising the maxillofacial complex and its associated bodies. Finding the right oral surgeon is very important if you want to be left with a beautiful and healthy smile.

The Scope of an Oral Surgeon

As a specialist in dentistry, certain objectives are aimed to give functional and aesthetic solutions when anomalies are found. For this reason, their scope is related to:

Joint Disorders and Facial Pain

The temporomandibular joint is a small joint through which the mandible articulates with the skull. This important structure is usually affected when there are problems in the growth of the jaw. It can also be affected when there are disorders or disharmonies between dental organs.

Orthognathic Surgery

Aimed at correcting anomalies and deformities in size, shape and position of the jaws and surrounding structures. This is performed to harmonize their effects on the face.


The restoration of missing teeth, by using dental implants, can restore a patient’s chewing function. It can help maintain bone height and facial structure, which prevents premature aging, as well. Westfield Oral Surgery can perform this type of procedure easily.

Facial Trauma

Car accidents and other trauma is just a couple of the triggers for facial trauma emergency consultations. This compromises soft, dental, alveolar tissue and facial bone, causing fractures, loss to tissue and dental organs.

Orofacial Infections

In cases where you have not consulted a dentist about tooth trauma or extensive carious tooth vitality, a local infection (if left unchecked) can invade large muscle areas and involve other parts of the face.

Reconstruction Surgery

Patients who undergo therapeutic resection either due to cancer, infection or trauma, the loss of continuity of bone and soft tissues, producing mutilations must be corrected to prevent facial deformities.

The objective of clarifying which areas is the responsibility of an Oral surgeon in Short Hills, NJ has always been a need for patients. If you do not consult or address the ideal specialist for solving your problems, you risk the problems getting worse.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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