What Services Can You Expect From an Experienced Cosmetic Dentist of Daytona Beach, FL

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Dentist

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If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, everyday activities can be stressful. You may feel self-conscious being around others because you do not feel like smiling, talking or eating in front other people. This is especially true if the problems with your smile are at the front, making them more noticeable. In the past, there was little that could be done for these issues, but today their are more cosmetic procedures available than you can imagine. Through these procedures, almost any type of cosmetic dental issue can be corrected, restoring and improving smiles. Through an Experienced Cosmetic Dentist of Daytona Beach, FL, your cosmetic dental issues can become a thing of the past.

What are the Common Dental Issues a Cosmetic Dentist Can Treat?

Stained teeth — As you age, your teeth will naturally begin to yellow. This becomes even more pronounced with certain health conditions and if you are a smoker or a wine drinker. To fix this issue, you can have the cosmetic dentist to perform whitening treatments on your teeth. There are several different options available for whitening your teeth. These include traditional whitening, bleaching treatments and bonding. No matter how badly stained your teeth may be, there is a way to remove or cover these stains, for beautiful white teeth.

Damaged teeth — If your teeth are stained, damaged or malformed, you may feel embarrassed to smile. One of the most exciting treatment options for this condition has been found in the Experienced Cosmetic Dentist of Daytona Beach, FL placing porcelain veneers over your teeth. These thin veneers are adhered by a special glue, becoming a permanent part of your teeth. This is the procedure many celebs are having to perfect their smiles.

Missing teeth — If you are missing teeth, the gaps can make you feel self-conscious. Missing teeth were once only treated through partials or dentures. Today, there is a permanent option through dental implants. Implants are permanently placed in your jawbone and become just like your own natural teeth.




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