What Should You Know About Commercial Boiler Maintenance Bainbridge Island WA?

by | Jul 7, 2022 | miscellaneous

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A commercial boiler heats water at a controlled temperature, using fuel as the source of heat. Properly maintaining a boiler is essential for business owners who want to protect the operation of their boiler. Many business owners rely on the professionals for commercial boiler maintenance in Bainbridge Island WA. Being aware of the steps involved in maintenance will help business owners to assure their boiler’s lifespan and function are properly protected.

What Happens During a Maintenance Appointment?

There are many steps involved in commercial boiler maintenance, which is why many business owners rely on the professionals for these services. The following are some of the integral steps involved in this service.

• The boiler and all equipment are carefully inspected for any signs of dangerous conditions.
• All wiring and connections are checked for signs of damage or deterioration.
• The relays and all electrical controls are carefully inspected to find any signs of damage.
• The voltage and current are measured and recorded. If any abnormal readings are discovered, the cause must be determined.
• The burners must be checked for proper operation and signs of problems. The burners are integral to the operation of the boiler system. If any issues are found, the burners are adjusted or replaced.
• The fan belts will also be checked for any signs of tension problems are wearing. If needed, these are replaced.
• All moving boiler parts must be carefully lubricated to ensure the parts do not become damaged due to wear and tear.
• All safety controls will also need to be inspected. The safety controls must be in sound working order or it is not safe to operate the boiler and serious injuries could result.
• Safety and performance testing is always involved with any boiler maintenance appointment.

Schedule Your Appointment

If your business uses a commercial boiler, maintenance appointments are essential for proper and safe operation. A professional maintenance appointment should be scheduled at least once a year for the best results.

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