What to Expect From Pest Control in Rockford

Pest Control In Rockford is needed in many homes, even those that are kept perfectly maintained and immaculately cleaned. Every home is appealing to some type of pest simply because it offers shelter, a potential food source, and warmth. Efforts to prevent infestations, like storing pet food is sealed containers and keeping firewood away from the home help but are not foolproof. Almost everyone will need the assistance of a pest control service at some point. Here is what to expect once they are called.

Pest Control In Rockford involves a complete inspection of the residence first to determine the extent of the problem. In addition to checking the living space, crawl space or basement, attic areas and garages should be reviewed as well. These areas are often where the problem begins because they have less human traffic and provide a lot of bedding and food sources for pests when items are stored.

Once the type of pest has been identified and its entry point and nesting areas are located, the treatment to kill existing insects or rodent and repel future “guests” will need to be introduced. It may be necessary to remove pets, including caged animals, for a few hours during this stage. If rodents are the issue, traps will be set to remove them. The traps will be placed in areas that are not accessible to small children or house pets, but caution should be taken. The homeowner should know where each trap is located to keep curious pets and kids away, and so they can check the traps and notify the service once the pest is caught.

Once the problem is eradicated, a service like Pearson Plumbing & Heating can also provide homeowners with a list of damage the critters have caused in the home. Typically, during an inspection, the service will discover missing insulation, damaged electrical wires, and chewed siding. They can provide a description of this damage so the owner can get estimates for the repairs from a contractor. In addition, they can pinpoint where access points are that should be closed off to prevent further problems. This could include vents, chimneys or ducts without proper protection, and gaps and holes in the siding that are like welcome mats to unwanted visitors.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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