What to Expect from Your Personal Trainer

A personal trainer should be a top motivator when reaching your fitness goals. They should be providing you with a safe environment for working out and deliver results quickly and effectively. Before working out with your trainer, you should discuss your expectations and both short term and long term goals.


Your initial consultations with your personal trainer should determine expectations from both you and the trainer and any expected goals. If you prefer certain workouts or difficulty in some exercises, those should be discussed as well. You both should be motivated to create a checklist of goals and realizing them as you reach them.

Body Measurements

Your trainer should also perform body measurements before you start your training and in intervals as you progress through the sessions. The measurements should include arms, leg, and waist as well as body fat calculations. Not only does this act as a motivational tool as you see changes, but it also helps your trainer gauge how fast you are losing weight and if any adjustments are needed.


Your personal trainer should take into account what your daily life is like and structure workout sessions from the information you give him. If you lead a more sedentary lifestyle, it would be best to start off on the slower end of the workout scale. If you have worked out previously, attending a boot camp in Markham, ON with your trainer may be a viable option.

Your trainer can also determine the length of time your sessions should be and can increase or decrease the time if need be. The first few workouts should be a measurement of what your trainer expects from you and what you can expect from each session. As always, if you have any questions, or experience any discomfort throughout the process, let your trainer know to avoid miscommunication or injury.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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