What to Look For When You Buy rebuilt transmissions in Chicago

Your car is like an extension of your family. When you hear that strange noise coming from under the hood, it’s time to have a car check-up done, much like how you would go to the doctor if you were not feeling well.

Aside from the engine, your transmission is the largest and most expensive part in your car. The transmission is put together much like a puzzle, with all of the numerous parts connected and working together to get that final picture. You want your transmission puzzle-picture perfect, shifting gears and moving you forward. Some of the parts that can break down and need replacing have funny-sounding names such as planetary gears, sprags, bushings and pistons. But there is nothing funny about it, if these parts fail to work.

The term “rebuilt” doesn’t mean that all of it’s parts are recycled and it is different from a ‘used’ transmission. When your transmission is rebuilt it could be that not every part needs to be replaced, only the parts that are damaged or worn. It is recommended that the torque converter is always replaced when a transmission is rebuilt, as this piece of equipment goes through the most wear and tear. Test driving the newly rebuilt transmission is important to make sure that it meets quality standards and that it works as it should. The test drive, ideally, should be done as a long road test. This will allow the Buy rebuilt transmissions Chicago mechanic to test all of the gears and how the transmission handles shifting into the different gears. Make sure that you also are given a warranty for the parts and the work.

Rebuilding a transmission can be done by a car owner, but this is not recommended. Specialized tools are needed and it is not a job that can be done by just anyone. Automobile car dealerships and auto part stores both have the professional staff and knowledge to rebuild transmissions. A company such as SOS Transmission will give you the attentive, quality service that you should expect from your transmission mechanic. Don’t wait, since ignoring it could lead to bigger, and more expensive, repairs ‘down the road’.

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