What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Boot Camp Workout

A boot camp workout program is a powerful workout that increases stamina, strength, and power using interval training. Led by a militant instructor, these exercises are designed to get you in shape fast. Preparing for your first boot camp in Woodbridge, ON is just as important as completing the class itself. Below are a few rules to follow in anticipation of your class.

Dress Appropriately

Boot camp classes can be done outside, inside or a combination of the two. You need to dress appropriately for the elements. If the are you will be training will be hot or humid, wear a breathable fabric such as cotton or spandex. Ladies should wear a full coverage bra no matter the weather as the exercises can get pretty intense. If it is cold where you will be training, light layers will suit you just fine. In either situation, make sure your clothing can give you a full range of motion and will not irritate as you continue the workout.

Workout Gear

In addition, make sure to bring a water bottle, towel and any gear you may find necessary for an exercise. You will be sweating a lot, so make sure you have a refillable water source to take you through to the end of class. Any gloves, braces or wraps you will need to get you through the workout should be put on as well.

Warm Up at Home

As stated above, boot camp workouts are hard core classes. It would be an advantage to you, to start some light exercises a week or two before class starts to condition your body. A daily jog around your neighborhood and some dumbbells are a great way to start. You don’t want to shock your body into such an intense exercise if you have not workout out for a long time. Slow and steady wins the race, so listen to your body, adjust as necessary and don’t forget to have fun!

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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