Where to Get Treatment For Your Car Injury in Oklahoma City, OK

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Personal Injury

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People get hurt all the time in various settings. Some people get hurt playing sports. Some people get hurt being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many get hurt in car accidents. There is a treatment center that treats people who suffer a car injury in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. provides its services to people who have been hurt in accidents. Because people come in to the treatment center all the time with what could be classified as a personal injury, a lot of questions come up as to how the patient should proceed. This article will address the frequently asked questions by people in such a predicament.

1. The question often arises concerning the securing of an attorney. The staff at Accident Care and Treatment Center will be able to offer some direction in that area and will work with the law firm on your behalf.
2. Another question that arises concerns how to deal with pain after the treatment. The center will work with you, explaining your particular situation and how to manage and/or minimize the pain you are experiencing.
3. The question comes up about the coverage for prescriptions, splints and other necessities. Accident Care and Treatment Center provides these essentials to their patients at no extra out-of-pocket charges.
4. The question comes up about payment for services rendered. The center bills the liable party’s insurance company (or the party if he or she does not have insurance), and the center will wait a reasonable time until your case is settled.
5. Due to extensive records that must be supplied in personal injury cases, x-rays, MRI’s and other digital imaging information are often needed. Accident Care and Treatment Center supplies these also.

Accident Care and Treatment Center will usually see you on the same day for your accident and have been doing so for nineteen years. The doctor on staff has been practicing medicine in the Oklahoma area for over 35 years. The goal is to get you well and back into your normal routine as soon as medically possible. If you have suffered a car accident injury in Oklahoma City , Oklahoma or near the area, you can get treatment at the Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc. You can visit the website for more information, http://www.accidentcare.info/.

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