Why Homeowners Prefer Propane Generators in Danbury CT to Gasoline Generators

by | Dec 2, 2013 | Propane

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If you live in a location where power outages are frequent due to natural disasters, such as tornados, then you know how inconvenient it can be without electricity. This need not happen to you as with generators, it’s possible now to start powering your entire home for less than $700. Rural Gas Company offers the best prices on propane generators in Danbury CT area. Generators are typically sold by wattage. The power of your generator determines not only how many appliances and lights you can run at once but also their efficiency. When purchasing a generator you need to put some factors into consideration, and they include what you need to power, transfer-switch, and the type of fuel available in your area. You could also look for smart features. For example, some generators can turn themselves off when the engine oil gets low.

A wide range of fuels is used to power generators. The most common ones include diesel, natural gas, propane and gasoline. The type of fuel to use depends on what fuel you have access to. With going green and maintaining a healthy environment emphasized across the globe, propane gas generators are gaining popularity among homeowners because they burn cleaner. Other benefits of these generators include:

1. They require low maintenance
2. Longer engine life
3. There is no problem starting them up or condensation in cold weather
4. They don’t give off noxious fumes
5. The carburetor cannot and will not gum up

However, propane gas generators are not without their disadvantages. They are relatively expensive and less efficient, generating less energy per unit volume than diesel. However, propane gas is still the best fuel for permanent standby generators.

If you own a generator or are about to buy one, it is important to know that generators need regular maintenance no matter fuel type you use. However, most people don’t care about their generators until they break. Rural Gas Company is not only a supplier of the best propane gas generators Danbury CT area, but also provides quality and affordable maintenance and repair services. If it is your first time to purchase a propane gas generator, these professionals will help you in deciding which one would best suit your needs.

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