Why Hunt For Used S60 cars At Volvo Dealer In Providence, RI?

by | Feb 7, 2012 | Automotive

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Many of the industry’s top automobile manufacturers are endeavoring to go beyond commonly accepted boundaries in the form of innovative marketing schemes. Nowadays, it is crucial for brands to market new variants in a way that differentiates the product. Even dealers are trying their hand at different marketing initiatives in a bid to garner a greater market share. Increasing dealer-automaker tie-ups are a result of this scenario. Even Volvo is launching a dealer-based program that they hope will boost the sales of the second generation Volvo S60. Volvo aficionados in Providence, RI are thrilled to explore this car at the showrooms of Volvo dealers in Providence, RI.

Dealers, auto experts and customers alike claim S60 to be one of the trendiest Volvos introduced. This car highlights a turbocharged engine packed with increased horsepower. Dealers are pleased to know that the S60 includes an all-wheel drive. It has the look of a four-door vehicle causing it to be a more chic automobile in the auto market by the most admired and well-liked brand. A few of the latest security features are making it a sought after car amongst the Volvo range of cars. Features incorporated are some innovative ideas that dynamically aid drivers circumvent mishaps. Many people say that security features such as these could be a new step into the future.

It may be interesting to note that company executives were confident of its success in the midsize sedan segment. Previews included a succession of new events that lay emphasis on the sedan’s design, security aspects and its functioning. Its sleek design was created keeping in mind its target customers, which are the young generation. Volvo intended to position this car against some of the most luxurious sedans in the market. Post its release, dealers breathed a sigh of relief due to rekindling of renewed interest in the Volvo brand of cars. This can be attested with the sales figures, as global sales of the second generation Volvo S60 in the year 2011 were more than peak annual sales of the earlier generation S60.

The S60 comes in both petrol and diesel variants. It is equipped with a 2.4-Liter turbo diesel engine. The car can reach a top speed of 230 kilometers in an hour. It can zoom from zero to 100 km per hour speed in under 8 seconds. The S60 range of cars broke many speed records. For instance, it reached an average speed of just under 146 mph in one hour. You will find it interesting to note that motor racers have even used the first generation S60 in events such as Swedish Car Championships, where it consistently secured good rankings. You can check out sophisticated safety measures such as Blind Line Information System (BLIS), Pedestrian Detection, City Safety System and lane departure control that are first of its kind. Indeed, cars of the future will be expected to include these features.

If you are looking out for new or used Volvo S60, you can conduct an online search for the best Volvo dealer in Providence, RI.


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