Why Renters insurance in Prescott AZ Matters

There’s a lot to be said for apartment living. Along with not having to pay property taxes or deal with the upkeep of the place, it’s often possible to set aside more money for investments or at least increase the balance of a savings account. Along with all the good things, it pays to be prepared for the unexpected. That’s where the right type of renter insurance handy.

The Landlord’s Policy Doesn’t Cover Everything

Some tenants think that the insurance carried by the landlord protects them in the event of a natural disaster, the results of a broken water pipe, or a problem with the wiring. In fact, that policy is likely to only offer benefits directly related to the structure itself. That means the landlord’s insurance is not likely to provide any money to replace a sofa ruined by water damage.

In order to protect furnishings and personal belongings from some type of disaster, the tenant needs to invest in renters insurance in Prescott AZ. Should something happen, all it will take is filing a claim and waiting for the check to arrive.

Dealing with Injuries

The provisions in the landlord’s policy only cover injuries if they are due to some action or lack thereof on the part of the property owner. That means if a guest happens to trip over the edge of an area rug and hits the corner of the coffee table on the way to the floor, the tenant will be held liable for the cost of medical treatments. In most cases, renters insurance will include liability and medical benefits that will cover those costs.

A Victim of Theft

If someone breaks into the apartment and makes off with electronics, jewelry, and other belongings, rest assured the landlord’s insurance will not cover the loss. by securing renters insurance, there’s a good chance of being able to file a claim for the stolen property and receive enough funds to replace those stolen items.

If there is currently no renters insurance in place, today is the day to change that. Talk with the team at US Insurance Quotes and find out what sort of benefits are available. Once the plan is in place, the tenant can rest easy knowing that there is help on hand if it’s ever needed.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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