Why Veterans Do Not File for VA Medical Coverage/Disability Benefits

Many veterans are unaware they qualify for disability benefits from the Veterans Administration. Unfortunately, some disabilities are not as transparent as others. This misconception keeps many veterans from receiving medical care and monthly VA compensation and pension they so rightly deserve. Here are some reasons why veterans do not file for disability.

No Disability
Many veterans do not think they are disabled. Unless it is an obvious disability, such as blindness or a lost limb, many will not file a claim. However, some disabilities take years to develop. Veterans who suffer from mental health issues related to their service may not immediately recognize the symptoms. Disability experts recommend that you file a claim if you think you were injured in any way during your time in the military.

Too Late to File
The VA does not put a timetable on when you can file for disability. Some injuries or illnesses do not start affecting veterans until many years after leaving the military. For example, Korean and Vietnam veterans only recently began receiving benefits for exposure to Agent Orange. In many cases, it took years for those veterans to begin experiencing illnesses and injuries from exposure to the chemical agent. If the VA put a timetable on when you could file a claim, these veterans would have never received compensation for their service-connected disabilities.

Not Eligible
Some veterans believe they are not eligible for VA compensation and pension because of their discharge status, length of service or not serving during a time of war. The VA makes it very clear that any veteran who received a discharge rating other than dishonorable may file a claim. Additionally, veterans may file a claim regardless of how long they served or whether they served during wartime. VA benefits are not specifically for veterans who served during a time of war or were injured during battle.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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