Why You Will Need a Bankruptcy Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

by | Oct 22, 2014 | law

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If you’re in a financial position where you’re considering filing for bankruptcy, you may have done enough research to know that you can file for bankruptcy without the services of an attorney. However, if you’ve done any sort of research at all, you know that it is going to be in your best interest to have a bankruptcy attorney in Grand Rapids MI on your side. There are many reasons why a bankruptcy attorney is a good call when your financial situation has led you to the possibility of filing for bankruptcy.

The first reason why having a bankruptcy attorney is so important is that they can help you determine what type of bankruptcy to file. Whether you’re filing for your business or your filing as an individual, there are a number of different bankruptcies you may potentially qualify for. Some bankruptcies are better suited than others for your particular situation. Unless you have an attorney that understands the bankruptcy process, you may be hard-pressed to determine what which type of bankruptcy is going to be best suited for your financial situation.

The other reason why having a bankruptcy attorney in Grand Rapids MI on your side is good is because of the wealth of information that they bring to the table when it comes to bankruptcy. They also have a unique understanding of the nuances of Michigan bankruptcies and the complications that can be overwhelming for somebody without legal experience.

The fact is that bankruptcies, regardless of what type of bankruptcy you file for, can be extremely complicated. The demands that the court may have of an individual or business can make you realize very quickly that you’re in over your head by going it alone. Requirements such as filing the right paperwork and going to counseling may be overlooked, which will delay the process.

You may think that since you’re considering bankruptcy, you don’t have the of availability of money to hire an attorney. With the complicated nature of bankrupcy, and the emotional problems it can bring, it’s easy to overlook things. An attorney can ensure that you file the correct paperwork and meet all of the courts requirements for bankruptcy.

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