You Can Keep Your Home Comfortable With An Air Conditioning Replacement in Queen Creek, AZ

by | Oct 28, 2013 | plumbing

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Air conditioners fail for many reasons although old age and mechanical wear are the main ones. Of course, you can keep your system running for many years with proper maintenance schedules and the application of skilled repairs whenever they break down, but eventually you will need an Air Conditioning Replacement in Queen Creek, AZ. Once the system reaches a certain age it can be difficult to find the parts that are needed to keep it in good repair. This is the point when it becomes too expensive to keep that old air conditioner functional.

Other reasons you may wish to consider Air Conditioning Replacement Queen Creek AZ might include owning a system that is too weak to cool the area properly. Air conditioners are rated by tonnage or tons of cooling. One ton of refrigeration is equivalent to a short ton of ice, about two thousand pounds worth, melting in a twenty four hour period. This estimates to about twelve thousand BTU (British Thermal Units) per hour. Most residential air conditioning systems range from one to five tons although some homes may use multiple smaller units for more efficient coverage.

Most home air conditioners are part of the central air system which heats and cools the home. In many cases, when one portion of the system fails it is better to replace the whole setup than to keep using a mismatched system. For example, most external condensing units last for many years and by the time they fail the internal blower and cooling coils may be close to failure. An Air Conditioning Replacement in Queen Creek, AZ that includes both internal and external units will ensure you have many years of trouble free service.

With the rising cost of energy sources we are all concerned about the efficiency of our appliances especially our cooling and heating equipment. Trading in your old system for a new Air Conditioning Replacement in Queen Creek, AZ is the best way to ensure you have the most efficient system available. Modern air conditioning systems installed by A/C contractors like Sterling Services can provide years of chilly comfort for your home while saving you some money in the process.

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