You Might Need Drunk Driving Lawyers in Clinton, MI

Drunk driving causes problems for many people. Drunk driving is illegal in all states, and can cause accidents, fatal injuries, and other serious issues. If a person is charged with drunk driving, they may need to quickly hire a lawyer who specializes in drunk driving to get the best possible representation. There are drunk driving defense lawyers in Clinton, MI who help clients fight against drunk driving charges. These criminal defense lawyers want clients to understand everything that is involved in a drunk driving criminal case.

What Happens to Drunk Drivers in Michigan

Drunk driving criminal offenses are serious crimes that have potentially severe consequences. How much alcohol you have in your system, whether you were in an accident, or if there were injuries will determine how you are charged and potential sentence. For example, a First Offense conviction under Operating While Intoxicated in Michigan carries up to 93 days in jail, fines of $100 to $500, court costs that vary from court to court, 360 hours (45 days) community service, alcohol or substance abuse treatment, daily alcohol breath tests, attending Mothers Against Drunk Driving Panels, among other sentencing requirements depending where the incident took place and in which court the case is heard. Drivers license suspensions and sanctions are enforced by the Secretary of State. Depending on whether or not the offense was alcohol or drug related, the penalties can become more severe. Drugged driving crimes can carry more severe penalties and SOS sanctions.

Drunk Driving Charges Could Lead to Other Issues

A drunk driving offense investigation often leads to other issues. These issues involve the blood alcohol level while driving, which is called BAC. BAC needs to be determined by the police officer. There are many ways for the police to determine BAC, but they have to follow certain rules. If the police don’t follow the rules for determining your BAC, then this may create legal challenges or even defences. Other issues that drivers face is whether they should submit to the breath test on the side of the road, at the station, or refuse it altogether. This is a difficult decision and each has its own consequence. If a person had prior drunk driving convictions, or operating under a suspended license, they may have other problems. Once the drunk driving case is heard in court, many defendants have drivers license issues. A skilled drunk driving defence lawyer may help minimize that impact. Sometimes a restricted license is possible so that the accused drunk driver has the ability to go to work, school, court, treatment, and the doctor.

Hiring a Lawyer to Help in Clinton, MI

Those charged with drunk driving in Clinton, MI can call upon Hermanowski Law. They have been helping clients for many years with drunk driving cases, as well as estate planning clients, and personal injury cases like dog bites. If there are any individuals looking for drunk driving lawyers in Clinton, MI, this law firm is available. They can get more information by visiting or calling for a free consultation at (734) 887-6079.

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