You Own It To Your Health To Have Residential Water Testing In Your West Bend, WI Home

The importance of drinking water seems to be more and more relevant today than ever before. Staying hydrated and drinking enough water to help the body flush out toxins is linked to everything from more effective metabolism to getting rid of a cold or the flu.

Of course, water is required for the functioning of all systems in the body. However, drinking water that contains invisible contaminants is not healthy. In fact, consuming too much water that has contaminants may be unhealthy or even dangerous. This is where residential water testing companies like Schaefer’s Soft Water can offer a valuable service for your peace of mind.

In and nearby West Bend, WI, both city water supply and rural wells should be tested. This residential water testing should be done when the owners first move in, and then if there are any noticeable changes in the water quality, color, taste, or odor.

What is Tested?

With professional services completing water testing, a full range of different factors can be tested at one time. This includes the pH of the water, the hardness of the water, as well as determining the total dissolved solids or TDS in the water. Do-it-yourself tests are not as accurate and can create a false sense of the quality of the water.

Potentially dangerous elements and contaminants such as copper, lead, arsenic, and even nitrate levels can be tested to high degrees of accuracy. While some trace amounts of these elements are safe and are often present in both urban water systems and rural wells, anything over trace levels needs to be addressed.

In addition to these types of inorganic elements, water testing can also detect the presence of E. coli and coliform bacteria, and then recommend options to treat the water to make it safe for consumption.

In and nearby West Bend, WI people turn to Schaefer’s Soft Water for reliable, professional and accurate residential water testing. To find out more, see us online at

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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