3 Ways a Plumbing Contractor in Houston, TX, Can Keep Homes Leak-free

Plumbing problems can be more than mere annoyances. Some problems can cause serious water damage to a person’s home. Luckily, a plumbing contractor can keep your home leak-free.

Here are three ways a plumbing contractor in Houston, TX, keeps homes dry.
Leak Detection
Not all leaks are visible to the naked eye. Some hide behind walls and beneath foundation slabs. These are the leaks that cause the most damage.

Professional leak detection can find these hidden leaks. The sooner homeowners know these leaks exist, the faster the repairs can be made.
Water Heater Inspection
Water heaters are another source of leaks in homes. Because water heaters are out of sight it’s not always obvious there’s a problem. By the time homeowners discover a leak, water damage to the floor and other areas may have occured.

Regular water heater inspection services can catch a leaky water heater before it causes damage to the home.

Sump Pump Repair
Many homes in Houston have sump pumps. These pumps keep water from collecting in the lower level of a house. When the sump pump stops working, this can lead to the tank overflowing and cause flooding.

One way a plumbing contractor in Houston, TX, can help homeowners avoid this debacle is to install a battery back-up for the sump pump. This device keeps the sump pump running should it lose power during a storm or become otherwise damaged.

Homeowners who want to keep their homes leak-free should contact Cardinal Leak Detection & Plumbing LLC at https://www.cardinalplumbing.com.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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