The Minimalist Residential Interior Design Style for Bethesda, MD Homes

A very popular style in residential interior design is minimalism. While some people make the assumption that this style only works in modern homes, it can be a good match for any type of home when it is correctly applied.

It is helpful to think of residential interior design as a way to highlight specific aspects of your home in Bethesda, MD by creating areas of space using shapes, colors, and key placements of design elements throughout the room.

Minimalist style is not cluttered or overwhelming, but it is also not a boring or highly austere look like many people believe. Instead, each piece in the room is carefully selected to create lines and elements that coordinate with each other to create a clean, crisp, and focused look.

Colors and Styles

To create or develop a minimalist residential interior design for your home, an interior designer first considers room shapes, sizes, and key features. Furniture, lighting, and accent pieces are then selected to enhance those lines and develop a functional and attractive space.

Colors that are often seen used as the predominant floor and wall colors in the minimalist style are whites, grays, and blacks. Windows are used to bring natural light to the space. Colors that accent the space include neutral colors found in natural wood, tans, creams, and pops of color. Other earthy colors including blues, greens, and reds can add to the beauty and eye-catching style of this design.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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