4 Great Ideas for Outdoor Lighting for Your Property

Adding landscape lighting to your property can serve many purposes. From lighting the space for better visibility and enhanced safety to creating more usable space on your property, there’s very little you can’t do with lighting outdoors. Plus, it makes your home’s exterior look great!

Here are a few great ideas for outdoor lighting in Auburn for your property:

Light Your Path

For most people, the primary reason for adding light to their landscape is creating more visibility for navigating a walkway or walking path. Putting small lamps along your driveway or sidewalk will help guests and family members alike remain safer while also providing cheerful, welcoming illumination all year long.

Spotlight Your Entryway

Whether it’s highlighting a beautiful paint job, putting a spotlight on holiday or seasonal décor, or just adding extra visibility, you will love having additional light cast on your home’s front door. Choose flood lighting or just hang a lighting fixture above the door with enough wattage to brighten the whole area and leave the light on for guests and passersby at night.

Illuminate Your Party Space

Do you have a deck, porch, or patio? What about a poolside area where your family likes to linger in the summer months? Regardless of where your guests like to gather, adding lighting there is never a bad decision. Choose smaller lights with a warm glow to illuminate the space without overwhelming it and fixtures that will stay out of the way and prevent tripping or easy breakage or damage.

What About Water Lighting?

While it may seem unexpected? Adding lighting to water elements in your home is a great way to illuminate your space and add visual appeal, charm, and function to your space. Consider adding light to everything from ponds to pools for a warmer glow and a more accessible, safer backyard this summer.

For more information about your options for landscape lighting in Auburn, contact your local specialty lighting retailer. You’ll be amazed at just how many options you have – and how affordable they truly are!

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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