Feet Hurting; Maybe You Need to Consult a Foot Doctor?

Those of us who live in the Bronzeville suburb are no more (or no less) likely than anyone else to develop problems in our lower legs, ankles and feet; but, taking this place as an example, why would you need a specialist Foot Doctor in Bronzeville, IL? For one thing, these parts of our body are important to us; without them, simple things like standing upright, walking and running become extremely difficult and artificial help is required.

We Try to Take Care of Them

Many of us try to eat food that will not cause leg and foot problems (gout is often associated with diet) and we take supplements that claim to be good for our legs and feet (glucosamine for the cartilage in our knees or calcium for our bones in general).We do this to keep our legs and feet in prime condition for as long as possible. But, as with most things involving our bodies; we cannot cover all the bases. Accidents happen – on the road, athletic field, or even a bad fall – that can damage our legs and feet and there are physical ailments can hit us from any number of causes. If any of this happens, we will want the very best leg and Foot Doctor in Bronzeville to help.


Medical science has come a very long way from the days when doctors used leaches to bleed their patients for most maladies and, more often than not, resorted to amputation if there was something major wrong with legs and feet. In those days, many patients died from the cure!

However, as the science progressed the sheer volume of knowledge became far too large for any one doctor to ever hope to learn and excel at it all. To solve this problem, doctors during their education and early training choose to specialize in one branch of medicine or another.

For example, doctors who have just graduated in general medicine or surgery; could decide to specialize in treatments for problems in the lower extremities (roughly from the knees down to the tips of the toes). Their further studies and practical training concentrate exclusively on those parts of our bodies and the term for this field of medical study is known as “podiatry”.

Some 12 years of additional training and hospital residency are required beyond initial graduation before doctors can be board licensed to practice as a Mitchell Foot & Ankle and work as a Foot Doctor in Bronzeville.

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