A Drug Defense Possession Attorney Defends Clients After False Positive Tests

Men and women typically won’t get into legal trouble if they test positive for illegal drugs during an employment application process, although this will damage their chances of being hired. In contrast, testing positive after being arrested or during probation can result in drug charges. A drug defense possession attorney in San Antonio, TX, provides representation for these individuals.

In some instances, the defendant actually is innocent of the charge. The test was positive due to consumption of another substance that created a false positive.

Poppy Seeds

For example, not everyone realizes that poppy seeds in baked goods, tea and salad dressings can cause drug tests to be positive for opiates. That’s because the seeds are harvested from opium poppies. Some over-the-counter products marketed as natural alternatives to pain relief medicine and sleeping pills also contain the substance. A drug defense possession attorney in San Antonio, TX, represents clients who are in trouble because of a false positive test.

An Example

Lawsuits have been filed over these types of cases. Two relatively recent incidents occurred when children were removed from the care of their mothers and placed in foster homes because the mothers tested positive for opiates. In fact, they had consumed poppy seeds.

Demonstrating Innocence

Lawyers may be able to use the testimony of witnesses who saw the defendant eating foods or drinking beverages containing poppy seed. There may be verification that this person always keeps poppy seed muffins or tea on hand at home. Defendants needing legal representation may contact the Law Office Of Jesse Hernandez after viewing information.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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