Getting Septic Services in Apopka, FL

Why is it so dangerous to go into a septic tank without a trained professional? Inside a septic system, you will see many types of decomposition. This is where household waste goes after leaving the home and is where organic matter flourishes, which causes the emission of toxic gases of many types. Have questions about Septic Services in Apopka, FL? If so, contact your local professional or continue reading.

The gases that can come from within, in greater numbers, is methane (CH4), and this gas at high concentrations, may be fatal. It is also highly flammable, and low concentrations of this gas may cause loss of movement or consciousness. In all actuality, these effects can be defined as narcotic. One of the main symptoms that can manifest in people who inhale small amounts of this gas is vertigo, headache, nausea and loss of concentration, and it could also cause asphyxiation. This is exactly why it is vital you hire professional Septic Services in Apopka, FL.

The other gas that comes from septic tanks (hydrogen sulfide) is due to the bacterial degradation of organic matter. This is also quite toxic and is colorless, flammable and heavier than air, so it normally occupies the lowest points of the tank. Exposure to this element may cause pulmonary edema. Also, know that breathing in large doses of methane gas can be lethal.

This type of gases displaces oxygen from the area, so when inhaled, the individual who breathes it does so without feeling the effects. But moments later, after the concentration of oxygen in the air drops, the body increases its respiratory rate to achieve the appropriate level of oxygen. Increasing breaths can cause an increase of inhaled gas, which can be a toxic dose. The result is fatal, which is why hiring septic services in Apopka, FL is important.

A properly designed system should be inspected and emptied every 1-5 years. Cleaning and emptying the septic tank is crucial to the integrity of your home and hiring a specialized company can be very rewarding. These companies empty the tank by pumping it out and then they transport the sludge from the septic tanks into a compliant container. The FEB Companies can give you more information.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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