Bail Bonds Services Help Arrested Persons Seeking Release from Jail

Bail bonding companies in Douglasville, GA help people pay bail and regain their freedom after being arrested. Many people cannot afford even a relatively small amount of bail, but they can afford the much smaller fee the service charges to post a bond for their release.

A Brief History

The U.S. bail system has roots dating back to at least the 1200s. In England, during the Middle Ages, courts began allowing people charged with certain offenses to regain their freedom in exchange for collateral. That collateral was typically money or real estate, and it was returned to the people if they did not run away before trial.

Operating on Trust

Bail bonding companies in Douglasville, GA have to operate on trust, to a large extent, because they are putting their own money at risk. They post a bond that guarantees the defendant will appear at all court hearings and at trial if the case is not concluded before the trial date. If the person does not appear, the bonding service automatically owes the entire amount of bail to the court. Thus, if the bonds service representative has reason to believe the defendant is a flight risk, the application will probably not be approved.

Bonding services commonly do their best to ensure their clients appear at all scheduled hearings and other appointments. They might offer clients a ride, for example. Most people charged with a crime don’t run away in this situation no matter how tempted they are. The bonding service sends a bounty hunter out to bring the person back. A judge will most likely revoke bail. The possibility of a favorable plea bargain may be lost, and the defendant must now stay in jail until the trial date.

Frustrating and Rewarding Moments

The licensed representatives with an organization such as Free At Last Bail Bonds have frustrating moments and rewarding ones. They understandably become aggravated when one of their clients goes missing and has to be tracked down. On the other hand, it’s gratifying when they see some of their clients turn their lives around and stay out of trouble in the future.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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