Benefits Of Wireless Home Security Systems

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Security

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Home security systems are just another area where technology has advanced over the years and homeowners have shown their willingness to jump right on the bandwagon. Wireless systems provide a number of benefits that a hard wired system never could. As a matter of fact, homeowners feel that wireless security systems are the best of the features that security companies offer. If you are considering a wireless home alarm in Oak Park then you might want to know what the benefits are that they offer you.

A Wireless System is Safer

If an alarm system is wireless than it need to be 100% wireless including a cellular connection to the alarm company. A wired system uses a land line or at times the internet. A land line connection can be broken in many ways. Burglars can cut the line where it enters the home or a storm can take the phone lines down. A wireless phone becomes useless if there is a power outage and the same can be said of the internet if there is an outage there. The only connection that is truly safe due to its virtual invulnerability is a cellular one.

Simplicity in Setup and Use

Between work, home, kids’ schedules and all of your other responsibilities the last thing you need is a security system that is a hassle to operate.  In a wireless system, you can barely notice very small battery powered sensors that are attached on doors, windows, walls and shelves. Setup can usually be done in under an hour.

Less Damaging to Your Home

Of course you care about the condition of your home and your walls. A wireless system doesn’t require any drilling to install it. That means that your walls look great and the structural integrity remains intact. There are just some of the benefits that a wireless alarm system can offer.

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