Inspections Are Essential To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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Consider the weather conditions that your roof is exposed to. Summers are usually very hot, and the increase in UV rays throughout the world is creating untold damage to many structures. Then come the icy winters with heavy snow and freezing conditions, and a roof needs to cope with this as well. Given that the roof is the crucial barrier between your home and the outside elements, it would stand to reason that it should be something high on your list of maintenance checks. Of course, understanding how to properly inspect a roof requires more than simply climbing a ladder and having a look. Still, this might be a good first start as you’d probably be able to see whether physical wear and tear had occurred. However, given the various components of a roof, it’s really important to call in a professional roofer to thoroughly check your Bolingbrook home.

Conducting a proper roof inspection

All roofs have a membrane that is crucial to protect your home. This membrane can become brittle and vulnerable to snags or to tearing over the years, so this is the first thing that a professional roofer would inspect. Also, most roofs have flashings, which is another essential factor in keeping your home watertight. If a flashing has slipped out of place, or has started to decay, this could expose your roof to leaks. Even newly built homes should be inspected, as sometimes problems occur due to inferior building. One homeowner is reported to have discovered that all the joists supporting the roof were starting to lean, and the home was only eight years old.

Discovering these problems early on is very advantageous, as the repairs can be carried out timeously. It is always true that conducting maintenance and repairs before a problem worsens is cost effective. Any work required will become more serious and more expensive over time. Finding a professional roofing company, such as Showalter Roofing, that has satisfied clients in Illinois for many years, and understands the weather conditions, will be key to knowing that your roof is well protected.

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