Differences Between Moving Services and Shipping Services in Naples, FL

The transportation industry is more diverse than many consumers and business owners might think. This article will discuss some differences between moving services and shipping services in Naples FL so that clients can choose the one that best fits their needs.

Moving Companies

Moving companies provide a variety of services ranging from residential packing to facilitating commercial moves. Some offer a la carte services so that their clients can choose how large of a role they want to take on when it comes time to plan and execute their moves. The cost of hiring a moving service depends on whether clients want professional packing services, whether they need to have their items stored, and how many goods or possessions they need to have transported.

Shipping Services

Shipping services in Naples FL are similar in that they are also used to transport both commercial and private goods. Some moving companies offer commercial shipping services along with residential moving help. Shipping services often work with freight transportation companies to provide cost-effective solutions for clients who need to move larger lots of inventory.

Key Differences

Hiring a shipping service is less expensive than working with full-service moving companies, but only because shipping companies rarely provide professional packing services or warehousing solutions. Another reason that shipping services tend to be less expensive is that shipping companies usually carry multiple shipments of goods together, while moving companies use one or more trucks for each client.

How to Choose

Residential clients are almost always better off hiring a full-service moving company than a shipping company. Commercial clients who want all of their goods to be insured should either hire a moving company or purchase private insurance to guarantee the safety of their shipped goods. Since shipping companies transport more than one lot at a time, there’s a higher chance of items being damaged or lost.

Learn More Today

Not all companies specialize in either residential moving or commercial freight shipping. Some of them offer a wide selection of services so that their clients can find exactly the solutions they need to move their goods across town or beyond. Contact us to discuss shipping options, packing services, and storage solutions today to get the process started.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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