Fast Bail Bondsmen in Milford, CT Can Help After a Serious Traffic Violation Leads to Arrest

Certain types of traffic violations are serious enough to lead to the driver’s arrest. Bail will usually be set, typically by an automatic schedule, and it must be paid before the person can be released. An alternative is to have fast bail bondsmen in Milford, CT post a surety bond if the defendant or people acting on their behalf cannot afford bail.

Technically, police officers have the authority to arrest drivers after all sorts of traffic violations, but they rarely see any need to do so. They mainly look for dangerous or obstructive behavior when deciding whether to arrest a driver. Some violations, however, almost universally result in the driver being taken to jail.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is the most common reason a vehicle driver would need fast bail bondsmen in Milford, CT. Bail is set relatively low for a first offense and is generally higher for repeated offenses within a certain time frame. If an additional offense is added to the DUI allegation, bail goes up. Two examples would be if a minor child was in the vehicle or if the driver caused an accident.

Disregard for the Safety of Others

Refusing to stop for an officer is another violation that will result in being brought to jail after the driver is caught. When police officers have to chase drivers, the situation can become extremely hazardous. A driver caught after causing an accident and fleeing the scene also will be arrested. Behaving recklessly while driving is viewed as having a willful disregard for the safety of others.

Driving After Revocation

Driving after license revocation is also a jailable offense. For instance, if the individual’s license has been suspended because of a DUI conviction or too many speeding tickets, getting behind the wheel is a serious violation.

Anyone who has been arrested for one of these offenses may be required to pay a certain amount of bail or have a bond posted for release. A family member or friend can contact an organization such as Aces Bail Bonds at any time of day and request a consultation online.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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