Do You Need Help From a Military Divorce Attorney in Fife WA?

Divorce is something no one wants to face. There are a lot of emotions involved in a divorce and they can cause individuals to make poor decisions they later regret. Although it would seem the same, there are some major differences between a regular divorce and that of a military family. Getting help from a Military Divorce Attorney in Fife WA is an essential part of the process.

Why Hire an Attorney?

There are multiple steps involved in seeking the end of a marriage and the process should never be taken lightly. If the active military member is served with divorce papers, they will be given a certain time period to respond with their answer. Active duty individuals can receive more time to respond due to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. This allows the individual to request a stay that first lasts for up to ninety days and can be extended.

There are many reasons for hiring a Military Divorce Attorney in Fife WA. Being aware of these reasons will help individuals to make the right choice for their legal needs.

  • One of the most important reasons a person should hire a divorce attorney is the protection of their rights. Going through a military divorce is not the same as a civilian one. There are military pensions to consider and other issues that make the divorce process more complicated.
  • If there are minor children involved, getting an attorney is essential. The attorney will work to protect the custody and visitation rights of their client and will ensure a fair outcome is achieved.
  • The divorce process is not always easy to understand and many people are not aware of the military divorce laws that govern the process. Getting help from an attorney ensures the individual understands their rights and legal options in the process.

How to Get Started

To get started on the process, individuals first need to schedule a consultation appointment with the divorce attorney. The individual should be prepared to provide as much information as possible. Once the attorney takes the case, they take over the entire process, including serving the papers on the other spouse.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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