Getting Assistance From a Lock Company in Chicago After a Domestic Abuse Incident

The topic of whether a person can legally have locks changed after the spouse or domestic partner is charged with abuse is a complicated one. This individual will need to consult a lawyer before proceeding. Having a lock company in Chicago make these changes may be acceptable if the court has issued a restraining order or if the two people were not married. The lawyer will know the relevant state laws that must be followed.

Potential Legal Issues

The changes also may be allowed if the customer’s name is the only one on a rental lease or a mortgage, but this person allows the domestic partner to reside there. Changing the locks usually cannot be done legally if the two individuals are married unless the court has issued an order granting one person the right of possession. This sometimes happens if one spouse has been charged with domestic violence or assault of the other spouse. Otherwise, the two individuals may reach an agreement about this through documentation in a legal separation.

Rental Property Considerations

If this is a rental property, the landlord must be informed of the request. Either the landlord calls for the lock change, or the tenant can do so with approval, but the landlord must be provided with a set of new keys.

The Need for Lock Changes

Many people in this situation rely on a lock company in Chicago to make these modifications to the place of residence. They want to make sure they can feel safe, and they also don’t want this person getting in when nobody is home. They might feel that the only other option is to move, which is not always easy, especially without much planning. When children are in the picture, the situation is even more complex.

Scheduling the Service

Once all the legal issues have been clarified, the person who wants to stay in the apartment or house may call for help from a company such as Amazing Lock Service Chicago. The locksmith may be asked to add deadbolts if there are not any, which will make the home even more secure.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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