Prompt Metal Roof Repair in St. Peters, MO Is Important for Preventing Further Damage

The need for metal roof repair in St. Peters MO becomes evident when a resident spots signs of a leak somewhere in the home. Often, the water appears as a stain on ceiling tile, plaster, or drywall. Sometimes, the effects of a small leak look alarming if water runs down a wall.

Tracking Down the Leak

Most small leaks in a metal roof can be repaired relatively quickly, but it can take a while for the roofer to track down the source of the leak. Water can travel across beams and appear inside the house far from where the leak actually is. Sometimes, repair work is ineffective because identifying the leak source has been so difficult. Repairs might be made in one spot but, with the next rainfall, water appears inside the home again. A reputable contractor providing metal roof repair in St. Peters MO will return to the site at no charge if the repair work was not successful.

Preventing Further Damage

It’s important to get the leak cleared up as soon as possible to prevent ongoing damage whenever it rains. Light rain may not appear as a leak in the house, but it can saturate insulation and the decking material under the metal. Mold may develop, especially in warm weather. All of these issues can require expensive repair and replacement work.

Even if the problem is tackled quickly, there still may be some need for replacement of wood or insulation, but the damage will be less serious than if the leak were allowed to continue through several episodes of rain. A tarp can prevent water from getting into the home, but tarps gradually deteriorate when constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays. Either the repair must be done within several months or the tarp must be replaced.

Hiring a Professional

Attempting to fix a roof as a do-it-yourself project can be particularly difficult. Not only does the person have to find the leak and figure out how to repair it, but climbing around on a roof is a hazardous venture for someone with little experience. A better solution would be to hire a contractor such as Affordable Exteriors. Contact us to get started.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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