Getting Workers Compensation Attorneys in Southern Maryland When You Have Been Denied Benefits

Ordinarily, when employees are injured at work or “on the clock,” they qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. After following all of the proper channels, such as informing the employer of the injury and filling out the paperwork, the workers’ compensation benefits should kick in. If that does not occur or if the employee is denied benefits, it may be time to call a workers’ compensation attorney or law firm. Workers compensation attorneys in Southern Maryland are available to assist employees who have been denied their workers’ compensation benefits or are having other problems with their benefits.

What to Do if Having Workers’ Compensation Issues

The first thing employees should do is know why they were denied workers’ compensation benefits, which would be in the denial letter they received. Examples of such denials include but are not limited to the employee engaging in horseplay, not reporting the injury in time, and the employer disputing the claim. At this point, the employee can file an appeal but must do so in the time period allowed. In Maryland, the employee has 30 days to file this appeal.

More about Workers’ Compensation Issues

The employee may wish to speak with the employer to see if the matter can be resolved before filing an appeal, but if that doesn’t help, it is time to go forward. At this stage of the process, the employee would be better served by a legal representative who can help the employee be successful in getting approved. The employee will consult with the attorney and have all of the necessary items, such as medical records, and proof of being at work when the accident happened.

An Attorney for Workers’ Compensation Issues in Maryland

People who work in Maryland and have been injured at work may need a workers’ compensation attorney in their city. The Law Office of Danny R. Seidman is a firm that represents clients who have been injured at work and are denied their workers’ compensation benefits. If an employee needs to talk to workers compensation attorneys in Southern Maryland, the law firm is available. Check out for more information.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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