Luxury Puglia Holidays

Visitors to Italy cannot stop talking about Puglia. With its rugged coastline, beautiful swimming holes and rich history, Puglia is fast becoming a popular destination for many tourists.


Located on Italy’s south coast, Puglia’s warm weather and rich soil make it the perfect place for cultivating olive trees. Puglia is a major producer of olive trees with many over 3,000 years old. Puglia is packed with local artisans, plant-based culinary cuisines, and organic wines where more and more people are experiencing luxury Puglia holidays.


The region is known for producing some of Italy’s most famous pasta dishes and breads. Since Puglia sits on the coast, vegetables and seafood are enjoyed more than beef, pork, or fowl. The plant-based cuisines are hearty and some of the finest examples of cucina povera cooking in all of Italy. The orecchiette con cime di rapa, one of the regions famous dishes, is a perfect example of the region’s love for bitter greens.

For a lighter dish, try acquasala, which is a Puglian bread salad. The combination of bread and tomatoes sprinkled with salt, oregano, and olive oil from the area make it a great dish during the summer.

The breads of Puglia are famous with the most popular being the infamous Pane di Altamura. It is the only bread in the world granted PDO-protected status.

Private Luxury Tours

Visitors to Puglia can immerse themselves in the beauty, culture, and cuisine of Puglia during their private luxury tour. A private tour while on your luxury Puglia holidays allows you to experience Puglia in style with personalized attention that makes vacations memorable. The wonderful climate makes private tours an ideal option for anyone who wants to experience nature or just relax by the water.

Italy Luxury Tours is one of the leading Italian tour operators, offering luxury tours in Italy’s most popular areas.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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