Helpful Tips On French Doors Installation

The very best way to have French doors installed in Jacksonville, Fl, in any home is to hire professionals to handle the installation. However, if you are the do-it-yourself kind, it’s certainly possible that you will get your new French doors installed with the help of friends, in a relatively short period of time.

Many people prefer French doors to traditional sliding patio doors, since they’re available in a wider variety of styles and can add a touch of decor to any room. It is possible to set up the French doors to open on one side, or both, as these doors tend to open to the exterior of the home. However, they can be designed to open inwards, as well.

There is beauty to French doors, in many aspects; they are very secure, can be made to be highly energy efficient, and can be traditional to modern in design with the different glass and door configurations available. They are a perfect addition to any room whether you want to let in a lot of light and have a terrific view of the exterior of the home, or to see from one room to the other when used inside.


If you are installing new French doors in Jacksonville, Fl, or replacing existing doors, it is critical to inspect the frame and make sure that the door opening is perfectly square. The frame and the opening have to be square in order to prevent problems with the doors opening and closing once they are installed.

Shims, small pieces of wood, are used to center and square the new frame in the opening. These shims are angled so you can insert them between the opening and the frame to make the necessary adjustment to square.


Before actually screwing the frame to the opening, be sure to check to make sure that the doors open and close without dragging or catching. If they don’t, you should check the frame again and adjust for any areas that are not level. Then, when correct, screw the frame in place and replace the doors.

The final step will be to install the locks and the hardware to the doors. After that is completed, you will also need to use caulking to seal the area between the frame and the opening on the exterior of the home, and then install the molding and trim. This will prevent moisture, heat loss, or drafts from being an issue around the doors.

While installing French doors in Jacksonville, Fl, in an existing opening is possible on your own, if you aren’t sure how to complete the installation, then get a professional involved from Dream Doors & Windows. This will ensure that your doors will work great and look beautiful.


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