House Foundation Repair in Houston, TX: What You Need to Know

If you have just moved into a newly-constructed house, it might take a while for the foundation to settle in. While there’s no reason to panic if small issues arise, you should generally contact a house foundation repair company for a thorough inspection. Most people think that the foundation itself is the problem. Despite what the contractor will have you believe, in almost every case the problem lies primarily with the soil underneath the slab. The foundation is unlikely to move unless the soil beneath it starts moving.

The Main Variable Is Water

The slab foundation generally moves in whichever direction the water does. Furthermore, the only reason that the soil begins to move is that it begins to hydrate or desiccate. The soil expands as it gets wet, and begins to contract as it dries out. The main reason that the soil moves is the water.

Cracks Can’t Indicate the Source of the Problem

Most companies that offer house foundation repair in Houston, TX will tell you that identifying the source of the cracks isn’t going to tell you where the problem lies. Cracks begin to appear as soon as your foundation starts to sink. They might be small in certain places, while whole pieces might begin to fall in other locations. Cracks in the foundation act as a hinge. The issue generally doesn’t exist where the cracks are found in abundance.

How Foundations Are Repaired

House foundation repair will usually take a few weeks. The contractors will first inspect the foundation to identify the extent of damage. They will generally pour concrete into the foundation to bring it to a specific level. Repair work will also be carried out on the walls and the floor of the house.

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    Author: Allyson Allyn

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