How Drivers Can Save Money When Needing Towing in Phoenix, AZ

When one’s car is broken down on the side of the road, there’s no choice but to call a towing company. People are often hesitant to call for towing in Phoenix, AZ, because they don’t want to pay expensive towing fees. Fortunately, high towing fees aren’t an issue when drivers follow these tips.

Car Insurance Benefits

Drivers should check their vehicle insurance policies to see if they qualify for free towing services. Many policies offer added perks such as free towing services, battery checks, and more. Drivers who don’t have towing included as part of their insurance policy should consider adding this benefit for peace of mind and convenience.

Join a Discount Club or Organization

As special incentives for members, many clubs and organizations include free towing services. Organizations such as AARP and AAA are examples of clubs that offer their members free towing with certain providers.

Choose the Closest Repair Shop

When the tow company arrives, the driver will ask where the vehicle should be taken. Vehicle owners should choose the closest repair shop to keep costs lower. Towing companies charge by the mile and even five miles make a huge difference on towing fees.

Tow Once

Vehicle owners shouldn’t have their vehicles towed to their homes unless they’re certain they can fix the problem at home. The last thing owners need is two towing bills when once would have sufficed.

Vehicle owners who need quality, affordable towing in Phoenix, AZ, choose the team at Desert Valley Towing. Visit them online at to learn more about towing services.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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