Improve Your Odds of a Successful Outcome to Your SSDI Hearing

Your chances of a successful SSDI claim are improved by having an attorney represent you. This SSD lawyer in Sapulpa understands what can be a confusing process. Just filling out the necessary paperwork can be daunting. Removing the stress and having an advocate who thoroughly understands how to maneuver the road ahead can mean the difference between denial and receiving the benefits you deserve.

Reasons to Hire an SSD Lawyer

Feeling your way in the dark is no way to go about securing your disability benefits. Just a few reasons to have a trusted lawyer at your side include:

  • Knowledge of available benefits you may be entitled to
  • Submission of a thorough and complete application
  • Moving your application forward
  • And more

Since the majority of SSD benefits are denied at first, having an attorney skilled in the process of presenting claims and appealing negative outcomes is crucial. Click on the link below to request a free consultation with the SSD lawyer in Sapulpa.

Application Stages

There are four stages of the application process that your SSD lawyer in Sapulpa will explain. These stages are:

  • Filing the initial application
  • Requesting a reconsideration if the initial application is denied
  • Request a hearing
  • Notice of the decision of the Appeals Council

If the Appeals Council approves your claim, you will receive a Notice of Award. If your appeal is denied, a new initial claim can be filed.

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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