Integrating an ID Card Reader App

The increasing need for security across most businesses and industry sectors is an essential consideration for any business. In many cases, in-person verification of identification is not only impossible but also inaccurate and ineffective. The human eye is unable to detect sophisticated photo and data manipulation on identification cards, which allows easy access for hackers and criminals.

Using an ID card reader to verify the documentation is valid and unaltered, and to provide verification of the individual is a practical solution. In the past, these systems were often cumbersome and impractical to use for online applications and verifications. Now, thanks to advances in technology and hardware on basic smartphones, apps can be used to scan documents and quickly verify data in real-time.

Branded and Customized

Having a branded and customized ID card reader app is important in creating a professional and secure option for your end-users. Having the app branding with company information provides confidence with the end-user in scanning any type of identification card or documentation into the system.
These ID card reader apps should have the capability to integrate with your current business app. This makes it easy to extract information and pre-fill forms or populate the database with the required information.

Integration with the current business app streamlines the end-user experience and eliminates the need for multiple apps to complete the verification and document upload process.

While some companies may not require the ability to capture data from international forms of identification, having the ability to extract data from a variety of countries and document types is an advantage. Look for a card reader and OCR scanners that can be used with passports, driver’s licenses, and visa documents for maximum flexibility.

Accura Scan provides a highly flexible, brandable, and customized ID card reader for any type of business requirement. To learn more, see us online at

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    Author: Ally Allshouse

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